Wondering how to apply the Acimone Sticker Map correctly?

Step 1 - Check the situation of the map you received

We considered delievering the maps by laying flat, but that would almost double the shipping cost , leading to 2-3 times higher price than now, and it’s the case that you and us don’t want. After we weighing the pros and cons, we decided to compress the packaging space, which not only reduce the hyper shipping fee for us but also provide you the utmost cost effective.

We understand that there might be some drawbacks to this approach: it may not be easy to restore to be flat, there might be crease present, and a small poetion might not adhere firmly.


Case 1: If you received the maps without any issue, that’s great! Please just skip to the step 2.

Case 2: If you received the map having the situation like the picture below, please do not worry about it. The vinyl might have stretched a bit due to being rolled for an extened period, but you still can use it normally, and it its adhesion will remain unaffected.

Case 3: If you map looks like the image below and creased part is unusable, please do not worry about it. Please send email attaching the pictures to info@acimone.net with your detailed request. , we will cover all fees and you don’t have to return it to us, you can request full-refund or replacement, it usually will take 3 days to finish your case.

Step 2 - Find a perfect place to stick

Our sticker map size are:

-USA MAP: 20 x 11.5 Inches

-CANADA MAP: 20 x 15 Inches

USA Sticker Map compared to 16 Inch laptop

Canada Sticker Map compared to 16 Inch laptop

To ensure a good match between the Canadian and American portions on your map stickers, it’s essential to find a sufficiently spacious area. We recommend a space of at least 27 inches in length and 20 inches in width. Smaller spaces may not accommodate all the stickers effectively.

Furthermore, please note that the maps may not adhere well to all types of walls. They are best suited for flat surfaces like glass, plastic, and flat interior walls within your home.

Step 3 - Clean the surface where the sticker will be applied.

The alcohol pads are enclosed within the box. Please remove the plastic roll bag and unfold the maps to access them. To minimize the presence of air bubbles, we recommend cleaning the surface where you intend to apply the sticker map.

Step 4 - Apply the maps

Before you begin the application process, it’s important to note that, in some cases, completely avoiding air bubbles may not be possible.

We highly recommend enlisting the help of two people when applying our sticker maps for the best results. One person can act as a “support” to prevent the unattached portion from rolling up and sticking to itself, while the other person can gently and slowly apply it to the surface. This method is effective in reducing the occurrence of unwanted air bubbles.

Crucially, do not place the entire map directly onto the surface. Start by applying the map from one corner and work diagonally across the rest of the surface. While adhering the map, air bubbles may appear at any point, so be sure to carefully squeeze them out before proceeding to the remaining sections.

Step 5 - Remove the air bubbles

We fully comprehend that finding air bubbles can be disappointing. We recommend using a needle to puncture the map and then using a scraper or credit card to gently remove them.

Rest assured, there’s no need to excessively worry about the bubbles that are hardly noticeable. When you visit the respective region, you can easily cover them up by applying the appropriate state/province sticker.

Step 6 - Apply state/province stickers

The transparent outline was successfully applied to your walls, it’s time to start your travel and mark your steps.

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