Multi-Purpose RV Sewer Hose Wrench Black


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  • Works with slotted/flush sewer plugs and 3” or 4” male/female plugs.
  • Provides leverage with grip handle to twist hoses and caps.
  • Fits the major RV sewer hoses, but not all, not compatible with Veltera hoses.
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NOT compatible with Veltera hoses

Customer Reviews

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Just what I needed!

I've had my RV for a while and have struggled with connecting the hose all the time. This handy little wrench helps properly seat and uninstall the hose. Before I got the wrench I worried about the connection coming loose. Now in all honesty it never did but if it had it would have been a mess. Because it would have come apart when I was dumping. This works by hooking onto the little tabs on the side most time you only need one wrench but if your connecting two hoses together then you would need both wrenches. I just wish that the wrenches locked together with magnets or clips.

Sturdy and easy to use

These rv sewer hose wrenches fit the hose nicely and works great when these old arthritic hands have a hard time loosening it. One end of the wrench is for your hose the other end is used for the caps. It came with a little velcro tie strap to keep them together but I can see it will get lost in no time because it is so small. Seems to be made of very sturdy plastic. These wrenches will come in handy and be very nice to have when you need them.

Acimone Customer
Hopefu)y will let us grasp the sewer hose easier.

Wanted to be able to get a grasp on the sewer hose connection in the rv

Leanne R.
The gadget I didn't know I needed

These arrived well packaged an undamaged. I was worried they would be flimsy plastic, but are surprisingly substantial! I don't see them ever snapping apart during use. Can withstand a pretty intense yank- had a stuck coupling and this stood up to the task. Going to recommend to my rv friends.

William Terry

When we camp in our RV at full service camp grounds sometimes it is difficult to get the sewer cap off so I can hook up our sewer hose and this "ACIMONE RV Sewer Hose Fitting Wrench, Multi-purpose RV Sewer Hose Wrench, 2PC RV Sewer Cleanout Plug Cap Wrench, Orange" tool makes the task so easy! if you camp in an RV you have to get one of these.

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Multi-Purpose RV Sewer Hose Wrench Black