Multi-Purpose RV Sewer Hose Wrench Orange


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  • Works with slotted/flush sewer plugs and 3” or 4” male/female plugs.
  • Provides leverage with grip handle to twist hoses and caps.
  • Fits the major RV sewer hoses, but not all, not compatible with Veltera hoses.
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NOT compatible with Veltera hoses

Customer Reviews

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Doesn't fit my cap

I thought all RV sewer caps were the same size and shape. This doesn't fit mine so maybe they aren't the same. You would think the indents on this would fit the raised parts of the sewer cap but the insde diameter of this tool is the same size around as the top of the raised portions of the cap. Maybe this would work for a different size, I like the idea if it acutally fit.

Durable and useful tool for your RV sewer hose

These work as intended and are quite inexpensive. Makes installing/removing your sewer hose a lot easier. It's definitely worth few bucks to keep one on hand in your RV.

Denny Sawyer
Keep my hands away from the sewer hose connections

I don't technically need a wrench to connect and disconnect my RV sewer hoses, but anything that moves my hands away from that mess is a good thing. These work pretty well on my sewer hoses, and the sewer plug fittings on the "other" end will probably get more use than the hose fitting ends. No more using my Channellock pliers to remove the sewer plug!
These are too large to work for the Valtera cleanout cover on my trailer, but I don't really need a wrench for that anyway.
They are compact, well made, and come in a decent little zipper bag for storage. Something like this should come standard with any RV sewer hose kit.

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Multi-Purpose RV Sewer Hose Wrench Orange