Sturdy & Durabe

Made of high impact ABS material, our sewer hose wrench would last for years after thousand uses.

Not Only for Hose

One of wrench end fits slotted, 3″/4″ male or female caps.  Another end can twist your hose. One-stop wrench help you save money and effort.

Curved Design

Curved design provides maximum leverage, to make it simple to twist hoses. Not compatible with Valterra.


Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About it.

David S.

So much better than strap wrenches


My grip strength isn’t what it used to be, and I found myself sometimes not being able to separate two sections of sewer hose from each other. I had started carrying a couple of strap wrenches to help me, but I found them to be awkward to use at best.

These ACIMONE RV Sewer Hose Fitting Wrenches are just the ticket to help me detach the hose sections quickly and easily.

I love that they also have fittings on the other end of each wrench to help loosen both 4″ and 3″ sewer caps that sometimes appear to have been tightened by a gorilla.

They are light weight, and since they nest with each other, they don’t take up much precious storage space in our RV.


Waited Too Long To Get A Set Of These!


These wrenches work perfectly. My wife and I always fight with the sewer fittings when it’s time to swing by the dump station. I saw these wrenches were a thing a while ago, and told my wife we were going to get some. I shouldn’t have waited so long.

For such a low price, these wrenches save a lot of hassle. Just put one on each fitting piece and spin in opposite directions. They come right apart compared to trying to span with your fingers and get grip on the tiny nubs. So worth the few bucks!

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