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We are pride to announce that our products are self-produced. We are confident in the quality of our products. So each product have the extending warranty, since the material and function are different, the products have different warranty period.

We only take responsibity of the orders from our selling channels, please offer your order ID and the marketplace name to register your warranties.


RV Hardware:

(Cainet lacthes, fridge lacthes, hose wrench)
Due to the oil price rising and inflation, the warranty period was adjusted recently.
Since 14/06/2022, Acimone RV Drawer Latches and Catches has 30-day money-back warranty in any condition, and 120-day free-replacement warranty.

The order was placed before that time, the order has 2-year free-replacement warranty.

RV Shade/Cover Collections:
RV Entry Door Shade and RV Skylight Shade have 30-day money-back warranty, 60-day free-replacement warranty for velcro strips, 90-day free-replacement warranty for shades.


Please eamil to info@acimone.net or chat with us via chatbox.

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